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Mode d'Emploi
  • Created in 2014, the easily moveable furniture Mode d’Emploi enables you to combine a workstation and many accessories with all your IT equipment, as well as excellent lighting and good storage capacity, within a limited space.

    This furniture, which has been designed for companies that encourage their employees to work at home, is well suited to commercial applications as an additional workstation. It is also suitable for hotel and training applications.

    New Product

  • JEC has implemented a sustainable management policy, based on fundamental criteria, which, in line with current legislation, compels us to a strict ethical approach.

    We have factored environmental impacts into our decisions at all stages of the life cycle of our products, from the choice of materials to the end-of-life of the products and including production, transport and use. As a member of Valdelia, JEC applies a "Cradle to cradle" approach.

    Steel: Our main raw material is steel, which is a 100% recyclable material. The steels we use feature tested mechanical strength, excellent shock resistance and optimal weldability. Our steel suppliers all comply with standards; most are based in France, with the remainder in Europe.

    Plastic: We use extruded PVC, which is a 100% recyclable material. Our suppliers, who also comply with standards, are based in France.

    Paint: Our products are finished with a thermosetting powder paint based on epoxy and polyester resins free from solvent, lead and other hazardous materials.

    Packaging: JEC only uses 100% recyclable packaging materials, consisting of recycled cardboard covers and cross-linked polyethylene film-wrap.

    Finally, all production waste (metal and plastic) is recycled and the surface treatment water is collected.

    Environmental Charter

  • Charles and Ray Eames? No. Pagnon and Pelhaître? Nope. Ashref Chichini and Kamel Fakhfakh? Of course not. It can't be Ronan and Erwan Bouroullec. Or Salto & Sigsgaard. It's the Sinoir-Dudu duo, Jean-Paul Sinoir and Ludovic Dudu!

    Sinoir-Dudu are Jec's solution to our self-imposed challenge of creating three new products per year. This team is both highly creative and highly technical. We are very proud of them, and rightly so, but of course they're not total angels: each has a strong personality, and neither likes to compromise.

    Their physical differences are as pronounced as the differences in their thinking, but their strength, our strength, is in their complementarity. This was a lucky strike for Jec. These two combine speed and endurance, active resistance and passive resistance, logic and utopia, which makes for a positive atmosphere in our design office.

    For those who wish to know more, Jean-Paul is quicker to smile, Ludovic slower to laugh, but naturally they have been known to reverse their roles.

    Sinoir et Dudu
  • Patrick Mirgaine is a passionate man! Passionate in general, and particularly passionate about his work. Since 1998, Patrick Mirgaine, surrounded by his team at his agency, Archimade, has used all his expertise and skills to serve both business and private customers: from design to production, he creates functional and aesthetic working and living areas that are built to age gracefully, unaffected by fashions and passing trends.

    And when Patrick Mirgaine and Jec meet, what do they talk about? Furniture, of course! Beautiful furniture, iconic furniture, the furniture of the future, the furniture Jec plans to create and the furniture that Patrick hasn't just designed but has already made an initial prototype of: impressive. This is how the Jamais 203 drawer unit was created: it's an adaptable unit, which perfectly meets your needs, anytime, anyhow.

    "I'm delighted to see how a partnership can suddenly show its true worth," says Patrick, and Jec must be overjoyed: the Jamais 203 box is here to stay!

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